Multi Ch. Mainline´s Knight of Honor "Hugo"

Mainline´s The Gaffer

Carpenny Walpole

Hawksmoors Webster

Dickendall Arnold

Hawksmoors Ravens Flight

Covetwood Elouise of Carpenny


Carpenny Bonhomie

Cranspire Carelles Whisper

Country Song´s Tennesse Waltz

Loresho Ozzie

Bubbling Churchill

Mallorn´s Jersey Sour  

Guideline´s Selfmade

Guideline´s Magic Fingers
Guideline´s Carbon Copy

Mainline´s Catch One´s Eye

Jayncourt Star-Extraodynar

Sandylands My Guy

Kupros Master Mariner
Sandylands Bramble

Jayncourt Star Surprise 

Jayncourt Star Topper
Jayncourt Peace

Mainline´s Afternoongirl

Foxrush Must Dash

Lindall Master Race at Rocheby
Sandylands Rhythm at Foxrush

Country Song´s New Generation

Wishwood Shuttle  
Aroscas Country Song